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Why Is It Important to have an Estate Plan

Why Is It Important to have an Estate Plan?

The new Federal Estate tax limit (above which Federal estate taxes will be payable) is $11,200,000.00 per person. Yes, most of us will not hit that limit, but 19 of the 50 states, Illinois included, impose an estate tax of their own ranging from .25% to almost 20% of your estate.

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Ask Mom if She has a Will

Ask Mom if She has a Will

My mother told me many times over the years that she had a will, and I believed her. When she passed away, we discovered that her will was 40 years old—and completely useless.

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Why are Trusts a Good Idea

Why are Living Trusts a Good Idea?

Whether you are trying to protect your assets from possible creditors, prevent young heirs from spending their inheritance or minimize estate taxes, there is likely a trust for you.

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