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Probate services refer to the legal services provided to individuals or families involved in the administration of a deceased person’s estate. These services typically involve the court-supervised process of distributing the deceased person’s assets and properties to their beneficiaries or heirs according to their will or state laws if there is no will. Probate services may include drafting and filing legal documents, representing clients in court, resolving disputes between beneficiaries, managing estate assets, and advising clients on tax implications and strategies for asset protection. The goal of probate services is to ensure that the estate is distributed in an orderly and fair manner while minimizing costs and maximizing the value of the estate for the beneficiaries. Probate services are often provided by lawyers, but may also be provided by other professionals such as estate planners or financial advisors.

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A couple packing up a house so that they can Liquidate Assets after a Death

How to Liquidate Assets after a Loved One’s Death

Liquidating assets after death involves converting the decedent’s properties into cash which could include selling real estate, stocks, or personal items. This guide provides a clear overview of the steps an executor of an estate would take before and during liquidating assets of a loved one.

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surviving spouse

What to Do When a Spouse Dies

“Unfortunately, during the grieving process surviving spouses also need to navigate the complex financial issues that arise after the death of their partner.” The death

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Las Cruces Probate

What Is Probate?

Unless they’ve experienced it themselves, most people don’t know what happens after the funeral is over and mourners return to their lives. A recent article

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