What Do I Need to ‘Age in Place’?

What Do I Need to ‘Age in Place’

Home modification is the official term (from the Americans with Disabilities Act) for renovations and remodels aimed for use by the elderly or the impaired. It means physically changing your home, removing potential hazards, and making it more accessible to continue living in it independently. Bankrate’s recent article entitled “The best home modifications for aging […]

What Helps Create the Best End-Of-Life Plan?

Best end-of-life plan

A new study explores how specialized care providers can navigate conversations about end-of-life care and help patients optimize their quality of life and mitigate suffering.

Can End-of-Life Planning Increase Control for Cancer Patients?

Can End-of-Life Planning Increase Control for Cancer Patients

An end-of-life program that enables patients with advanced cancer to document their wishes can enhance feelings of life completion, improve relationships with healthcare providers and decrease death-related anxiety, according to a presentation at the 2021 Virtual Association of Community Cancer Centers National Oncology Conference.

What are the Signs of Elder Abuse?

What are the Signs of Elder Abuse

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, many older adults are more socially isolated than ever — and thus more vulnerable to being financially victimized.

What’s a Medicaid Annuity?

What’s a Medicaid Annuity

It’s not uncommon for older couples to reach a point when nursing home care is needed for one spouse — and the cost isn’t something they were prepared for.