What’s Involved with Being a Trustee?

What’s Involved with Being a Trustee

Being a trustee is difficult but adopting these four best practices employed by professional trustees will go a long way to ensure that you’ll effectively execute your duties and mitigate your liability.

How Do Special Needs Trusts Work?

How Do Special Needs Trusts Work

Special needs trusts can help fund quality-of-life improvements for the beneficiary, such as a phone, a trip or a private room in a group care facility.

What Is a TOD Beneficiary?

What Is a TOD Beneficiary

A person named as a transfer on death (TOD) beneficiary for an account will receive the assets held in it when the account owner dies.

What Exactly Is a Prenup?

What Exactly Is a Prenup

Signing a prenup doesn’t indicate that you don’t have faith in your marriage, just like buying car insurance doesn’t mean you expect to get in a crash.