Does My Estate Plan Need an ‘ePlan’?

Does My Estate Plan Need an ‘ePlan’

The average American maintains between 30 and 50 online accounts at any given time. These may be with banks, financial institutions, utility companies, email providers, social media outlets, commercial shopping or travel sites and accounts unique to technology, such as an account to purchase apps for a smartphone.

What Is Asset Protection Planning?

What Is Asset Protection Planning

Asset protection planning is the process of building barriers around your assets, whether those assets are personal or business, to keep them safe from litigation, creditor claims, seizure and burdensome taxes.

Should I Have a Trust in My Estate Plan?

Should I Have a Trust in My Estate Plan

A simple will works for some people, but maybe not for you. Are you in a second marriage? Have minor children? Are you concerned about fraud? These are just a few of the many reasons to consider a trust.

What Is an Estate Plan?

What Is an Estate Plan

Nobody wants to think about how their loved ones will cope when they die. However, it’s important to plan effectively to ensure a smooth transition of your wealth and worldly possessions — even if you’re young or feel like you don’t have much to leave behind.